Student Bodies

1. Student Council: Student council is constituted as per the University norms.


  • Chairman: A. R. Madgulkar
  • Lecturer nominated by Principal: Dr. M. M. Bandivadekar
  • Teacher In charge of national cadet corps: NA
  • National Service Scheme Programme Officer: R. R. Padalkar
  • One student from each class, who has shown academic merit at the examination held in the preceding year and who is engaged in full time studies in the college nominated by principal.
  1. Bhairavi Bakhale: First year B. Pharm
  2. Samruddhi Kelkar: Second year B. Pharm
  3. Arti Ombase: Third Year B. Pharm
  4. Prerana Salunkhar: Final Year B. Pharm
  • Director of Sports and Physical Education: S. V. Bhandari
  • One student from each of the following activities, who has shown outstanding performance, nominated by Principal namely:
  1. Sports: Pravin Nagargoje, Final Year B Pharm-NTD
  2. National service scheme and Adult Education: Rutuja Shinde, Final Year B. Pharm
  3. National Cadet corps: – NA
  4. Cultural Activities: Siddhant Bhalerao, Final Year B. Pharm-SC
  • Two lady students nominated by Principal
  1. Dnyanada Bathe: Final Year B Pharm
  2. Dhanashri Khakale: Final Year B Pharm


Dr. Ashwini R Madgulkar     



Date of Formation: 17/09/2018


  1. Course Monitoring Committee:

The course monitoring committee is composed of Academic InCharge, M.Pharm. Co-ordinator, B.Pharm. Class teachers. and student class representatives from each class.

3. Sports Committee:

To inculcate a habit of sportsmanship and importance of discipline and punctuality and also to improve working in a team and learn to handle tricky situations thereby building up decision making ability sport event arranged every year. This helps students not only to keep their physic fit but also makes their minds strong. Committee members are selected from every class.

Sports Committee 2019-2020

Sport Secretary Vinay Rathod
Ankita Bulani
Treasurer Rohit Choudhry
Anikate Kalaskar
Outdoor  Incharge Nishant Kolhe,           Ashwini Deokar
(8208005586)           (7875618711)
Indoor Incharge Ram Polawar,             Shital Ranavare
(8378885835)            (8407973104)
Attendance Committee Kiran Honkalas,        Vaibhavi Kardile
(9975327887)            (998745588)Rohit Chaudhary,      Aakash Yadav
(8411976637)              (7775890217)
Kit Incharge  Aniket Kalaskar,        Venkatesh Rohile
(9175861752)               (9881267702)Kunal Hole
Display Committee  Sujit Yaramwar,         Ganesh Rakhunde
(8407921484)             (9766100619)
Documentation Saurabh Roham
Discipline Committee Mayuri Pansare,Bhagyashree Patil, Rutuja Shedge, Kalyani Auti, Sanket Naik, Yash Mundada, Akash Yadav,.

SPORTSINCHARGE                                           SPORTS COMMITTEE MEMBER.
Dr. S. V. Bhandari                                                       Dr. M. M. Bandivadekar


  1. Cultural Committee:

For the organization of various cultural events, the cultural committee was formed. This committee along with the in charge faculty members plans and encourages students to display their inherent qualities. This in turn also extracts maximum potential of the individual relating to leadership qualities, strategy and time management. One girl and one boy are selected as cultural representatives from each class respectively.



Sr. No. Name Designation Class
1 Atharva Kulkarni Cultural secretary Final year B Pharm
2 Vaibhavi Kardile Cultural joint secretary Final year B Pharm
3 Rohit Chaudhari Treasurer Final year B Pharm
4 Shreyash Pachpute Member First year B Pharm
5 Tanya Asthana Member First year B Pharm
6 Tejas Kakade Member Second year B Pharm
7 Rucha Shinde Member Second year B Pharm
8 Gaurav Mahajan Member Third year B Pharm
9 Sagarika Dhamane Member Third year B Pharm
10 Rohit Kharade Member M Pharm
11 Sadeecha Wani Member M Pharm

Mr. Rahul R Padalkar                                            Dr. Mithun M Bandivadekar

Cultural In-charge



  1. Educational Tour Committee:

The committee arranges educational trips to various places and visits to pharmaceutical industries in order to enable the students to broaden their horizon.


Educational Tour Committee 2019-2020

Staff Co-ordinators

Dr.  Santosh V. Gandhi                                                       Mrs. Vidya N. Wable

Incharge- Educational Tour Committee                        Member- Educational Tour Committee

Student Co-ordinators

Sajid Sande: 9860510489

Laxmi Choudhari: 9767283876

Aniket Kalaskar: 9175861752

Vaibhavi Kardile: 9987445588


  1. APGA:

APGA stands for AISSMS Pharma Graduates Association, a student’s association, which helps the students to place themselves successfully in future in various, reputed institutes of India and abroad.

It also provides various job avenues by connecting to our various ex-students present in different parts of India and around the world. At the same time, they also aid in finances & references required for pursuing higher education.

They also help in enlightening the students by regularly arranging workshops and seminars by eminent personalities in their respective professional fields.

APGA Core Committee

Name Designation
Aniket Nikam President
Vrushali Sanapuri Vice President
Rupal Shah Secretary
Sudhir Baheti Treasurer




Advisor                 : Dr. Shashikant V. Bhandari

Staff Editor For Apga Bulletin – Dr. Sachin Tembhurne

Patron – Mr. Dattatray Tekawade

President             : Ayush Thole ( FN.Y)
Vice President   : Ravina Khadelwal (FN. Y)
Secretary             : Shivani Godbole (FN.Y)
Treasurer            Pranali Chaudhari (TY)



M.Pharm.: Akshay Kale
Sadeechha Wani
Mrunal Vaidya
Muskan Sen          
Final Year Shubham Naikwadi
Samruddhi Pande
Samruddhi Kelkar
Third Year Soha Baldota
Bhairavi Bakhle
Druvi Rothod
Dhiraj Dhande
Riddesh kharche
Anantha Krishnan
Dhanashree Jadhav
Kshitija Abhang
Second Year Fenil Jethava
Yatee Kumari
First Year K Anantha Krishnan
Bhairavi Bakhle



M.Pharm.: Aniket Ithape
Shubham Lavhe        
Final Year Shivanjali Jadhav
Aditya Phatak
Sneha Kamble
Third Year Ojas Jadhav
Rutuj Baldota
Ishan Dixit
Second Year Saurav Kulkarni
Aditya Lokhande
Vaibhavi Mulley
Atharva Suryawanshi
Tanmaya Vyas
Uday Paghdar
Shaunak Paithankar
Adnan Tamboli
Sharvan Mali
Amey Gavaskar
Krisha Patel
Sajal Takawale
Deepak Chaudhary
Sarvesh Chaurange
Manoj Poharkar
Sanket Pujari
Final Year Pravin Nagargoje
Madhura Avchat
Gauri Ingole
Hrishikesh Sambhare
Sushmita Salve
Mayank Bansal.


APGA Bulletin Committee
Staff Editor
Dr.Sachin Tembhurne-

Student Editors
Mrunali Nandanwar, Shreedhar Sawant, Mrunal Vaidya, Tanzila Sayed, Akanksha Khushu, Ajay Singh Rautela, Samruddhi Kelkar, Anish Panwalkar

  1. Newsletter Committee: College Newsletter is published quarterly. Editorial board (2017-18) comprising of staff & students are as follows-
Sr. No. Name of Staff/ Student Designation /Class
Staff Editors
1. Dr. Santosh V. Gandhi Professor
2. Mrs. Shital M. Patil Assistant Professor
Student Editors
3. Mr. Vaibhav Raut M. Pharm. I year
4. Ms. Sayali Sheth M. Pharm. II year
5. Ms. Purva Kalel B. Pharm. I Year
6. Ms. Kshitija Abhang B. Pharm. II Year
7. Ms. Samruddhi Pande B. Pharm. III Year
8. Mr. Saurabh Rohom B. Pharm. IV Year
  1. Class Representatives- A class representative is a person (or multiple persons) who is similarly situated to the other members of the class, who has interests typical of the rest of the class, and can fairly and adequately represent all the other members of the class. Class representative is the best mediator between a class teacher and all other teachers. We have two class representatives (one boy and one girl) for each class.
Sr. No. Designation /Class Name of Student
1. First Yr. B. Pharm. Mr. Amey Gavaskar
Ms Jidnyasa Jain
2. Second Yr. B. Pharm. Mr. Ayush Khater
Ms. Kshitija Abhang
3. Third Yr. B. Pharm. Mr. Gaurav Mahajan
Ms Samruddhi Kelkar
4. Final Yr. B. Pharm. Mr. Atharva Kulkarni
Ms Aarati Ombase
  1. NSS Advisory Cell-

NSS Advisory Committee 2019-2020

Sr. No. Name of Member Position
1. Dr. Ashwini R. Madgulkar Chairman
2. Mr. Rahul Padalkar Programme Officer
3. Dr. S.V. Tembhurne Member
4. Mrs. Swati Kolhe Member
5. Mrs. Vidya Wabale Member
6. Mr. Omkar More Student Representative
7. Ms. Bhagyashri Patil Student Representative

Mr. Rahul R Padalkar                                                                                                          Dr. Ashwini R Madgulkar


   NSS Program Officer

Student Development Board-

College Student Development Committee 2018-19

Constitution: Advisory Committee

Sr. No Committee Member Name of the Member
1 Vice Principal/Senior Teacher Dr. Santosh Gandhi
2. Teacher Representative Mr. Jitendra Gajbe
3. Teacher Representative (women) Mrs. Swati Narkhade
4 Local Social Representative Mr. Ajay Patil
5 Student Counseller Mr. Makrand Thombre
6 Student  Council Representative Ms. Bhairavi Bhakale
7 Student  Council Representative Ms. Samruddhi Kelkar
8 Student  Council Representative Ms. Arti Ombase
9 Student  Council Representative Ms. Prerana Salunkhe