Research Grants

Total Research Funding (Lakhs) Since Inception

Overall Summary of Funding for Last 5 Years

2022-23 2021-22 2020-21 2019-20 2018-19 Total Funding
1.52 Lakh 1.10 Lakh 13.32 Lakh 1.79 Lakh 24.7 Lakh 42.43 Lakh

Research Project Grants Summary

Name of Principal Investigator Grant Provided Under Sanctioned Year Status Grant
Dr. A. R. Madgulkar Major Research Project  under Research Promotion Scheme, AICTE, New Delhi 2013-14 to 2015-16 Completed 23.00 lakhs
Dr. M. R. Bhalekar Major Research Project  under Research Promotion Scheme, AICTE, New Delhi 2017-18 to 2019-20 Completed 23.53 lakhs
Dr. S.V. Bhandari Major Research Project  under Research Promotion Scheme, AICTE, New Delhi 2020-21 to 2022-23 Completed 13.33 lakhs
Grand Total = 59.86 lakhs

Savitribai Phule Pune University (Formerly University of Pune) Sponsored Minor Research Project Grants

Sr. No. Name of Principal Investigator Title of Project Sanctioned Year Period Status Amount Sanctioned
1. Dr. A. R. Madgulkar Skin targeting using lipid Nanoparticles: Formulation and Evaluation 2008-10 Completed


2. Dr. M. C. Damle Simultaneous Determination of Drugs In Combination Dosage Forms by Stability-Indicating Method. 2008-10 Completed


3. Dr  S. V. Bhandari Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of novel antineoplastic agents using molecular modeling studies 2008-10 Completed


4. Mrs. M.R.P. Rao Characterization and Evaluation of Natural Polysaccharide as Novel Pharmaceutical Excipient 2008-10 Completed


5. Dr  N. S. Vyawahare Preparation and preclinical evaluation of herbal formulation for obesity 2008-10 Completed


6. Dr. S. J. Kshirsagar Design, Development of Oral Dosage Forms for Colon- Specific Drug Delivery Using Enteric Polymers 2008-10 Completed


7. Dr. T. S. Chitre Design, Synthesis And Biological Evaluation Of Some Non-Nucleoside HIV-1 RT Inhibitors Using Structure Optimization Through Molecular Modeling Studies 2009-11 Completed 3,00,000/-
8. Mr. V. S. Joshi Pharmacognostic and Pharmacological Evaluation of Immunomodulatory Activity of Some Traditional Medicinal Plants 2009-11 Completed 2,00,000/-
9. Dr. S. V. Gandhi Bioanalytical HPLC Method Development and validation for the estimation of lornoxicam 2009-11 Completed 3,00,000/-
10. Dr. M. R. Bhalekar Study of novel methods to improve the bioavailability of a drug by transdermal drug delivery system. 2009-11 Completed 2,00,000/
11. Mrs. M. V. Dhoka Profile of the drugs used in combination for the treatment of Chronic bronchitis 2009-11 Completed 2,00,000/
12. Mrs. R. N. Mirajkar Topical herbal Emulgel 2010-12 Completed 2,00,000/
13. Dr. M. M. Bandivadekar Formulation and evaluation of solid self-emulsifying drug delivery system to improve the dissolution profile of poorly soluble drug 2010-12 Completed 2,00,000/
14. Mr. P. B Deshpande Validated stability indicating method development for determination of drugs in pharmaceutical formulations. 2010-12 Completed 1,50,000/-
15. Dr. A. R. Madgulkar Formulation development and in-vivo evaluation of trans mucosal bioadhesive drug delivery system. 2012-14 Completed 3,00,000/-
16. Dr. S. V. Bhandari Development of selective anticancer agents by pharmacophore optimization using molecular modeling studies and synthesis, characterization, and in vitro screening using cell line assays and toxicity studies. 2012-14 Completed 2,95000/-
17. Mr. R. R. Padalkar Formulation development and in-vivo evaluation of nasal drug delivery system. 2012-14 Completed 3,00,000/-
18. Mrs. A. A. Avalaskar Formulation and evaluation of polyherbal tablets having Sesbania grandiflora as a major component for its anti inflammatory activity 2012-14 Completed 2,20,000/-
19. Mrs. S. N. Narkhede Preclinical evaluation of polyherbal formulation for female sexual dysfunction 2012-14 Completed 2,00,000/-
20. Dr. Mangesh R Bhalekar Development of chloroquine nanoparticles for oral treatment of Rheumatoid arthritis 2013-15 Completed 2,50,000/-
21. Dr. Mrinalini C. Damle Development and validation of stability indicating method for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. 2013-15 Completed 1,50,000/
22. Dr. Sanjay J. Kshirsagar Design and development of Liposomes for colon targeted drug delivery 2013-15 Completed 2,30,000/
23. Dr. Trupti S Chitre Development of Metallocenes: A modified Approach towards Resistant Tuberculosis 2013-15 Completed 2,80,000/
24. Dr. Ashwini R. Madgulkar Permeation Enhancement of Poorly Bioavailable Drug Using Nanoparticulates Of Thiolated Xyloglucans 2014-16 Completed 2,30,000/-
25. Dr. Monica R. P. Rao Characterization and  evaluation of modified polysaccharide as a novel pharmaceutical excipient 2014-16 Completed 2,20,000/-
26. Dr. Shashikant V. Bhandari Development of Potential Antitubercular agents using Pharmacophore optimization by Molecular Modelling Studies 2014-16 Completed 2,20,000/-
27. Dr. Santosh V. Gandhi Bioanalytical Method Development and Validation for Determination of Pharmaceuticals in Biological Samples 2014-16 Completed 1,40,000/-
28. Mr. Padmanabh B. Deshpande Stability indicating method development and validation for simultaneous estimation of drugs as bulk and in pharmaceutical formulations 2014-16 Completed 1,00,000/-
29. Mrs. Shital M. Patil Development of some Anti-HIV agents 2014-16 Completed 1,60,000/-
30. Dr. M. C. Damle Development and validation of stability indicating method for marker compound in selected herbs 2016-18 Completed 1,00,000/-
31. Dr. Trupti Chitre Metallocenes and their B-cyclodextrin conjugates: A step towards Resistant tuberculosis 2016-18 Completed 1,90,000/-
32. Mrs. Kalyani Asgaonkar Development of some Anti- tubercular agents 2016-18 Completed 1,70,000/-
33. Mrs. Amruta Avalaskar Formulation and standardization of Adhulsa lozenges for pediatric patients in the management of asthma 2016-18 Completed 2,00,000/-
34. Mrs. Swati Narkhede A study of nootropic activity of polyherbal formulation in laboratory animals 2016-18 Completed 1,70,000/-
35. Mrs. Reshma Mirajkar Formulation development of an in situ gel forming system for controlled delivery 2016-18 Completed 1,70,000/-
TOTAL (Rs.) 70,95,000/-