Pharmacognosy is an applied science which is concerned with acquiring knowledge of crude drugs by the application of various scientific disciplines.

It deals with the scientific study of structural, physical, chemical & sensory characters of crude drugs obtained from plant, animal & mineral source. It also includes the study of their history, distribution, cultivation, collection, preparation, identification, evaluation, preservation & commerce. Well-equipped laboratory admeasuring around 130 sq. mtrs. is totally designed according to the practicals being conducted.

Dept. of Pharmacognosy aims at improving the basic concepts like identification & authentication of plants of various families. Various projects are assigned to know the advances in Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry. The extraction of phytoconstituent from the crude drug is extensively studied.

At first year B.Pharm, The subject deals with identification of crude drugs morphologically and section cutting techniques. At third year B.Pharm subject deals with morphological and microscopical identification along with quantitative microscopy whereas at final year level various extraction, isolation procedures and chromatography techniques are carried out to identify crude drugs The pharmacognosy lab is displayed with around 25 charts, around 100 different Crude drugs, Dosage forms of the Alternative Systems of Medicine and the models of calcium oxalate crystals, prepared by the students. The lab also has a Permanent Notice Board to display the medicinal plant of the month. The department also maintains a properly landscaped Medicinal Plant Garden admeasuring around 100 sq. mtrs. having medicinal plant species of different families covered in and beyond syllabus along with various ornamental plant species.

Department Staff:

  1. Mrs. Amruta N. Avalaskar (Assistant professor)
  2. Mr.pradeep Sonawane

Support Staff:

  1. Mr. Ajay R. Kolambe (Lab Assistant)
  2. Mr. Pavan Kachi (Peon)