Sport has the capacity to transform the lives of individuals. It bolsters physical, Psychological, emotional, and social well-being and development. At the same time sport plays a significant role in cultures and communities around the world. These factors alone justify investment in sports programming. But there is also a growing understanding that sports programs merit support because they are powerful vehicles for achieving broader goals, particularly in advancing development and peace agendas.
Recently, though, an international movement has taken root that recognizes that sport does not have to compete with other development priorities but can instead be a powerful means for addressing them.

The Transformational Power Of Sport

Both formal studies and a wealth of anecdotal evidence have demonstrated that Participation in sport has countless benefits for individuals. Among the most obvious positive outcomes are improvements in physical health, such as weight control, strength building, increased flexibility, enhanced coordination and motor skills, improved cardiovascular health, and pain reduction. People who are physically active often tend to develop healthier lifestyles and better eating habits. A second, but no less important, beneficial aspect of sport is the impact that it has on psychological and emotional healing and well-being. Sport provides a positive outlet for stress and aggression. Participation in sport can help alleviate depression or anxiety.

Physically active people also often experience enhanced self-confidence and improved self-image. There is also evidence that participation in sport improves concentration and mental functioning.

Importance Of Physical Education

Experts around the world have concluded that physical education is a critical component of a child’s overall education. It can improve body awareness and help a child develop healthy habits at an early age. There is also evidence that participation in physical education improves concentration and performance in academic courses.

Awareness Raising And Education

One of the most common uses of sport in the development arena is as a forum for conveying educational, public health, safety, environmental, or other messages. Sport may also be used to foster individual development and learning. Sports events may act as a magnet, drawing in people who can then be engaged in education sessions before or after an event.

List Of Sports Events Organized In Our Institute

Following are the sports events we organized in every academic calendar year at intra-class and intercollegiate levels for both boys and girls.

Cricket Indoor Incharge
Football Carrom
Basketball Chess
Volleyball Table Tennis
Tug Of War Collage
Athletics Handwriting
Kho-Kho Arm Wrestling
Flower Arrangement

Usually we give all the students an opportunity to plan and execute all the plans to organize the sports activities successfully. Following are the objectives to do so:

  1. To encourage students to exhibit they their capabilities, skills.
  2. To boost leadership skills.
  3. To make them feel the importance of cohesivity in the team while working together to achieve their goals.
  4. To give platform to students to show their hidden talents.
  5. To give platform to test their abilities to handle difficult situations, handling pressure situations, tackling difficult situations, decision making, analyzing tricky situations etc.


  1. All the students were encouraged and have excelled and enjoyed all the responsibilities delegated very successfully and conducted all the events as anticipated.
  2. The leadership aspects of many leaders from all the classes were at stake and students have exhibited their best for the smooth and successful conduct of sports activities planned for the academic year 2009-10.
  3. All the classes participated in a very united style with a very cohesively bonded spirit in order to win overall championship trophy.
  4. All the students have excelled to their best to win the event. Means that students have utilized the platform given to their best of the abilities.
  5. The leaders from all the classes have tackled the difficult situations very rightly. Done well in pressure situations, shown best of their cool minds in taking right decisions in tricky and sensitive conditions during the play. In all we could observe the achievement of the objectives set forth with the aim of overall multicentric personality development of the students

Sports Committee
Objectives:-To inculcate a habit of sportsmanship and importance of discipline and punctuality and also to improve working in a team and learn to handle tricky situations thereby building up decision making ability sport event arranged every year. This helps students not only to keep their physic fit but also makes their minds strong. Committee members are selected from every class.

Sports Committee 2019-2020

Sport Secretary Vinay Rathod
Ankita Bulani
Treasurer Rohit Choudhry
Anikate Kalaskar
Outdoor  Incharge Nishant Kolhe,     Ashwini Deokar
(8208005586)       (7875618711)
Indoor Incharge Ram Polawar,       Shital Ranavare
(8378885835)       (8407973104)
Attendance Committee Kiran Honkalas,    Vaibhavi Kardile
(9975327887)       (998745588)Rohit Chaudhary,   Aakash Yadav
(8411976637)         (7775890217)
Kit Incharge  Aniket Kalaskar,    Venkatesh Rohile
(9175861752)        (9881267702)Kunal Hole
Display Committee  Sujit Yaramwar,      Ganesh Rakhunde
(8407921484)          (9766100619)
Documentation Saurabh Roham
Discipline Committee Mayuri Pansare,Bhagyashree Patil, Rutuja Shedge ,Kalyani Auti, Sanket Naik,Yash Mundada,Akash Yadav,.


Sports Events and In charge:

Sr. No.    Teacher Incharge  Student Coordinator
1. Cricket
Boys  Dr. Mithun Bandivadekar  Akash Padgan
Girls Mrs. A.N. Avalaskar  Manju Choudhary
2. Volley Ball Dr. M.R. Bhalekar Shubham Khemnar
3. Throw Ball Mrs. S.H.Rao Chaitali Shaha
4. Basket Ball Dr. S.V.Bhandari Ashish  Khade
  Akansha Khushu
5. Carrom Dr. S.V.Gandhi Shweta Diwate
  Shubham Devshatwar
6. Badminton Mr. Pradeep Sonawane Rama Kashikar
  Mrs. Rucha Kulkarni Akshay  Yanpallewar
7. Handwriting Mrs. K.D.Asgaonkar Akshay  Kale
  Sanjana Shah
8. Collage Mrs. V.N.Wable Manal Shaikh
9. Rangoli Mrs. S.U. Kolhe Megha Gadewar
10. Flower Arrangement Mrs. K.D.Asgaonkar Arti Kulkarni
11. Arm Wrestling Mrs. R.N. Mirajkar Meghna Mokashi
  Mithilesh Harale
12. Mehandi Mrs. S.M.Patil Pooja Abhimane
13. Table Tennis Mrs. S.H.Rao Kartik Kamble
  Sanjana Shah
14. Tug of war Dr. S.V. Tembhurne Rupesh Baride
Pratiksha Deodhar
15. Foot Ball Mr. J.W.Gajbe Raj Munot


Discipline Committee
Mr. Ashish khade Final Year B.Pharm.
Mr. Aniket Ithape Final Year B.Pharm.
Mr. Mithilesh Harale Final Year B.Pharm.
Mr. Pritam Taware Final Year B.Pharm.
Ms. Chaitali shaha Final Year B.Pharm.
Ms. Shweta diwate Final Year B.Pharm.
Ms. Meghana mokashi Final Year B.Pharm.
Ms. Vaibhavi bhoyarekar Final Year B.Pharm.


Sports Secretary : 1. Rishabh oswal    2. Jyoti Galande

Dr. M.M.Bandiwadekar
Member- Sports Committee

Dr. Shashikant V. Bhandari
Incharge- Sports Committee


RANANGAN 2107-18

Sr. No. Name Of Event Winner Runner Up
1 Badminton Girls [Singles] Pratiksha Deodhar [Final Yr] Aaditi Misar [Second Yr]
2 Badminton Boys [Singles] Atharva Khaladkar[Third Yr] Rishabh Oswal[Final Yr]
3 Badminton Girls [Doubles] Pratiksha Deodhar[Final Yr]

Rama Kashikar

Laxmi Choudhary [Second Yr]

Mahima Gaikwaid

4 Badminton Boys [Doubles] Shubham Khemnar[Final Yr]

Karan Oswal

Shubham Devshatwar [Final Yr]

Pranav Jain

5 Badminton Mixed Doubles Pratiksha Deodhar[Final Yr]

Rishabh Oswal

Aaditi Misar[Second Yr]

Vinay Rathod

6 Handwriting[English] Mrunali Nandanwar[Third Yr] Aditya Surve[Final Yr]
7 Handwriting[Marathi] Rutuja  Kurkute Priyanka Shelke[Final Yr]
8 Mehendi Tanzila  Sayed[Final Yr] Priyanka Kamble[M Pharm]
9 Chess Boys Atharva Mulay[Third Yr] Ram Polawar[Second Yr]
10 Chess Girls Madhura Avachat[Third Yr] Sushmita Salve[Third Yr]
11 Table Tennis  Boys [Single] Shumbham Naikwadi[First Yr] Karan Oswal [Final Yr]
12 Table Tennis Boys [Doubles] Karan Oswal [Final Yr]

Prathamesh Gunjal

Pranav Jain [Final Yr]

Shubham Khemnar

13 Arm Wrestling[Girls] Meghana Mokashi[Final Yr] Tejaswini Kale [Third Yr]
14 Arm Wrestling[Boys] Omkar Gaikwad[First Yr] Atharva Gaidhani [Third Yr]
15 Carrom Girls [Single] Jyoti Galande[Final Yr] Madhuri Rathi [M Pharm]
16 Carrom Boys[Single] Om Nagras[Second Yr] Karan Oswal [Final Yr]
17 Carrom Girls [Doubles] Mrunali Nandanwar[Third Yr]

Tejaswini Kale

Madhuri Rathi[Mpharm]

Kirti Bhutada

18 Carrom Boys[Doubles] Shivam Jaiswal[Second Yr]

Saurabh Rohom

Prathamesh Gunjal[Final Yr]

Pranav Jain

19 Carrom Mixed Doubles Madhuri Rathi[M Pharm]

Ambadas Mane

Jyoti Galande[Final Yr]

Akash Padgan

20 Rangoli Final Yr Third Yr
21 Flower Arrangement Final Yr M Pharm

Sports Incharge

Dr.M.M. Bandivadekar
Sports Committee Member

RANANGAN 2017-18

Sr.No. Event Winner Runner Up
1 Cricket- (Boys)


Third Year

Final Year

Final Year

Third Year

2 Basket Ball-(Boys)

(Girls )

Final Year

Final Year

Second Year

Third Year

3 Throwball Final Year Third Year
4 Volleyball Second Year Final Year
5 Football First Year Third Year
6 Tug Of War-(Boys)


Third Year

Final Year

First Year

Third Year

7 Athletics-100m Boys Omkar Gaikwad (First Year) Pravin  Nagargoje

(Third Year)

8 Athletics-100m Girls Prerna Salunke

(Third Year)

Jyoti Galande

(Final Year)

9 Athletics-200m Boys Pravin  Nagargoje

(Third Year)

Saurabh Rohom

(Second Year)

10 Athletics-200m Girls Vishakaha Shewale

(Third Year))

Laxmi Choudhari

(Second Year)

Sports Incharge

Dr.M.M. Bandivadekar
Sports Committee Member