Backbone of any organization is its employs and play very important role in the overall growth of the organization. The reorganization of AISSMS College of Pharmacy, as a center of academic excellence is a result of relentless and dedicated efforts of our qualified faculty members. The faculty members of the institute are not only involved in conventional teaching but also work for overall development of the students.

The brief biodata of faculty members is a reflection of potential of the organization in the field of pharmaceutical sciences.

List of Teaching Staff

01 Dr. Ashwini R. Madgulkar Principal
02 Dr. M. C. Damle Professor
03 Dr. M. R. Bhalekar Professor
04 Dr. S. V. Bhandari Professor
05 Dr. S. V. Gandhi Professor
06 Dr. T. S. Chitre Associate Professor
07 Dr. MRP Rao Associate Professor
08 Dr. Tina Saldhana Asst-Professor
09 Mrs. R. N. Mirajkar Asst-Professor
10 Dr. P. B. Deshpande Asst-Professor
11 Dr. M. M. Bandivadekar Asst-Professor
12 Mrs. S. M. Patil Asst-Professor
13 Mrs. S. U. Kolhe Asst-Professor
14 Mrs. K. D. Asgaonkar Asst-Professor
15 Mrs. S. H. Rao Asst-Professor
16 Mrs. V. N. Wable Asst-Professor
17 Mr. R. R. Padalkar Asst-Professor
18 Mr. J. H. Gajbe Asst-Professor
19 Ms. A. N. Avalaskar Asst-Professor
20 Dr. S. V. Tembhurne Asst-Professor
21 Mrs. R. V. Kulkarni Asst-Professor
22 Mr. P. P. Sonawane Asst-Professor
23 Mrs. Madhuri Shinde Visiting Faculty
24 Mrs. Amruta Patil Visiting Faculty
25 Mrs. Tejinder Kaur Marwah Visiting Faculty
24 Mrs. S. P. Jadhav Librarian


List of Non-Teaching Staff

01 Mr. P. N. Bhosale Office Superintendent
02 Mr.  V. B. Kelzarkar Sr. Clerk
03 Mr. M. M. Chopne Accountant
04 Mrs. D. V. Deshmukh Jr. Clerk
05 Mr. Prashant M. More Jr. Clerk
06 Mrs. S. S. Kamble Technician
07 Mrs. M. M. Joshi Asst. Librarian
08 Mr. A. R. Kolambe Lab.Asst.
09 Mr. G.Y.  Chingle Lab.Asst.
10 Mr. S. R. Patil Lab.Asst.
11 Mr. R. S. Manohar Lab.Asst.
12 Mr. V. R. Kolambe Lab.Asst.
13 Mr. R. Y. Chingle Lab.Asst.
14 Mr. S. V. Kasbe Lab.Asst.
15 Mr. D. S. Tekawade Lab.Asst.
16 Mr. A. D. Chandgude Driver
17 Mr. P. S. Yelwande Mali
18 Mr. Ravi V. Gahlot Peon
19 Mr. G. R. Subakade Peon
20 Mr. K. C. Satpute Peon
21 Mr. P. C. Kachi Peon
22 Mr. S. S. Salunke Watchman


Awards received by Faculty

Sr. No Name of the Staff Date Name of the award Title


Dr. M.C.Damle 12th June 2018 Certificate of Merit Stability indicating HPLC method for Rilpivirine and Dolutegravir Sodium” published in European Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, (4), 2017, 454-459,


Dr M R Bhalekar 2016-17  IRACON    3 rd best paper award Anti-rheumatic activity of chloroquine-SLN gel on wistar rats using complete freund’s adjuvant (CFA) model
3 Dr. Ashwini R.Madgulkar 2016-17 Rajnibhai Patel award For Best thesis in  PG Category Improving oral bioavailability of Acyclovir using Xyloglucan Thiomer
4 Mrs. R C Yadav 14/10/2016 Synapse 2016
Poster presentation
Winner (UG)
Formulation and evaluation of herbal disintegrating detox tablet
5 Dr. A R Madgulkar and Dr. M R Bhalekar 14/10/2016 Synapse 2016
Poster presentation
Winner (PG)
Enhancement of oral bioavailibilty of Lopinavir using xyloglucon thiomer.
6 Dr A.R Madgulkar 28/12/2014 Maharashtra state APTI Best Principal Award (Degree College) MS
7 Mr. P B. Deshpande 2nd prize for poster.
National conference on pharmaceutical analysis. 2013
National Conference on Pharmaceutical Analysis Stability in directing HPLC method for  simultaneous determination of Atazanavir and Ritonavir from their combination drug products.
8 Dr. T S Chitre Consolation prize for poster
2nd international conference on herbal and synthetic drug studies 2014
nterdisciplinary Science and Technology Research Academy, Pune Development of metallocenes: A modified approach towards resistant TB.
9 Dr. Monica Rao Indian Pharmaceutical Association, 2013 Best Poster
6th Symposium on nasal and pulmonary drug delivery. “global regulatory trends 2013”
Thermoreversible nasal gel for Parkinsonism
10 Dr. S J kshirsagar 2012-13 Best Research Guide National level Pharma Innovative award
11 Dr. S.V Gandhi IRJP,2012,1(1),189-193 11Research paper 12Certificate of Appre13ciation P.D Sethi a14ward 2010 HPTLC deter. of Drotaverine hydrocholrie and Aceclofenac in combined dosage form
12 Mr.P.B. Deshpande IRJP,2012,1(1),189-193 Research paper Certificate of Appreciation P.D Sethi award 2010 HPTLC deter. of Drotaverine hydrocholride and Aceclofenac in combined dosage form
13 Mrs. V.N Wable 09/06/2012 Poster presentation V-life sciences award Design of potential anticancer agents using pharmcophore optimization by molecular modeling studies
14 Dr. S. V. Bhandari 09/06/2012 Poster presentation V-life sciences award Design of potential anticancer agents using pharmcophore optimization by molecular modeling