Counselling / Mentoring



  • To counsel the students on professional as well as personal issues by respective mentors on a regular basis and to keep track of the progress of the mentee.
  • To solve the grievances and report it to the concerned committee (ICC/ Antiragging/grievance committee)


A teacher student council is for the mentoring of the students in order to counsel students for the problems (personal or academic) faced by them. Each staff members have been allotted 10-14 students.


  1. The staff member should conduct two meetings per semester with the allotted students.
  2. The detail data of each allotted student should be collected in the format provided in a register (to be continued in previous register/to be issued from office).
  • Any difficulties or problems faced by the allotted student should be noted and efforts to solve them should be taken appropriately in consent with the concerned committee (ICC/ Antiragging/grievance committee)
  1. The teacher should counsel the students for career guidance and higher studies preparation from the root level.
  2. The report of the meetings should be submitted to the incharge.
  3. A compiled action taken report should be submitted at the end of the academic year to the incharge in the given format.

Academic Year:

Name of Student Class Year Grievance Action taken

Sign of the Mentor:

Name of the Mentor:



As per the directions received from the Honorary Secretary of the AISSM Society, our college has been associated since September 2017, with Institute of holistic Healing India, Pune. The Founder of the said organization is Dr.Makrand Thombare. The institute has a team of efficient Psychotherapeutics and believes and follows principles of holistic healing. They believe that happy minds lead to healthy lifestyle. Our college has strength of almost 300 students including undergraduate and postgraduate students. We introduced the counselors viz., Mrs. Sfurti Kane and Mrs. Priya Patwardhan to all the students in either their classes or in laboratories.

The counselors appealed the students that they should meet them and discuss their issues may it be personal or professional and whatever discussed will be strictly confidential. Accordingly we have allotted two days per week that is Monday and Friday between 2 to 4 p.m. Students give their names to either of the activity in charges (Dr.Chitre or Mrs.S.H.Rao) and accordingly students are sent to the counselors either on Monday or Friday. Some of the students who need repeated sessions are well informed by the counselors, and accordingly the record is maintained in the register.

Initially the students had inhibition in meeting the psychologists, but later they found out that they can open up in front of them, discuss their issues and are getting the suggestions, they started approaching them freely. Thus, the sessions are now getting overwhelming responses and we hope to find the change in attitude of students, which will definitely help them in their professional growth.


Dr.Trupti S. Chitre and Mrs. Shivani Rao
Incharge Teacher Student Council/Mentoring Committee


No of students whose mentoring was done since 2012-13

Academic year Number of Students
2019-20 All B.pharm Students (300)
Number students who did their personal counselling through
Indian Institute of Holistic Healing = 88
2018-19 286
Students through   Institute of holistic Healing India, Pune are 138
2017-18 283
Students through   Institute of holistic Healing India, Pune are 49
2016-17 280
2015-16 300
2014-15 293
2013-14 286
2012-13 299