Cultural Events Celebrations

Sr. No. Year Date Activity Conducted
1 2018-19 12/2/2019 Character Day
2 13/2/2019 Western Day
3 14/2/2019 Traditional Days
4 15/2/2019 Twins Days
5 2019-20 22/02/2020 Spandan
6 23/02/2020 Spandan
7 2021-22 30/03/2022 Traditional Day
8 31/02/2022 Western Days
9 1/4/2022 Character Day
10 5/4/2022 Fun Fair
11 2022-23 23/02/23 Spandan
12 24/02/23 Spandan

Marathi Actress Mrunal Kulkarni as the chief guest at the inauguration of Spandan 2023


SPANDAN 2023 Theme Dance


Cultural Committee with Chief Guest Mrs. Mrinal Kulkarni, celebrity Marathi actress

Description of Activity:

AISSMS College of Pharmacy celebrated cultural days from 30th March to 6th April 2022.

Days celebrated were Cultural day Traditional day  Western day, Character day Funfair.

On Traditional, Character and Western day we organized a ramp walk stage for the participants where they can represent their outfits. In funfair there were different types of stall like food stall, flea market stall, games stall. Our judges selected the winners and runner ups for each day. The students made the day excellent by showing up their outstanding talent. It wouldn’t have been a great event without the words of our principle who just not spoke about the event but also gave advice to the students.


Participant could showcase their talent apart from academics

Spandan, the annual gathering of AISSMS College of Pharmacy  was held between 21st to 23rd February, 2020 which was inaugurated by Hon. Joint Secretary of AISSMS, Shri. Suresh Pratap Shinde. The event was a splendid combination of competitions and activities like Dance and Singing , Fashion show, Fun Fair, Paper and Face painting, treasure hunt, scientific model making  and so on. The general championship was won by the Final year class and M pharmacy class stood as the runner up.

The entire event was hosted and managed by the culture committee consisting of Atharva Kulkarni ( Cultural Secretary ) , Vaibhavi Kardile ( Cultural Joint Secretary), Rohit Chaudhari ( Treasurer) and the cultural representatives of all other classes under the guidance of Mr. Rahul Padalkar and Mr. Mithun Bandivadekar ( Cultural teacher Incharge) with the support of Principal Dr. Ashwini Madgulkar.