Department Activities

The Various Research Activities Undertaken By Department Are:

  • Colloidal drug delivery systems such as SLN, Nanosponge, liposomes, microemulsions, Mucoadhesive drug delivery system : Development and evaluation of thiolated polymers, Nasal drug delivery.
  • Topical and transdermal drug delivery system development and methods of enhancing bioavailability.
  • Bitterness masking using Ion exchange resins and other approaches.
  • Application of QBD in formulation development.
  • Polyherbal formulations and their standardization.
  • Project Under Research Promotion Scheme: Principal investigator Dr A R Madgulkar
  • BCUD Savitribai Phule Pune University sponsored projects: 03
  • Testing and Hiring services:
    1. Differential scanning calorimentry
    2. Particle size analysis and zeta potential measurement
    3. Texture analysis ( Mucoadhesion and spreadability)
    4. Lyophillization
    5. Spray drying