Undergraduate Pharmaceutics Department The undergraduate pharmaceutics department has four laboratories namely

  • Pharmaceutics I, Pharmaceutics II and Pharmaceutics III.
  • Physical Pharmacy.
  • Pharmaceutical Microbiology.
  • Parentaral Section.

All the laboratories measure about 111.52 sq meter having good ventilation and lighting facilities along with continuous water supply. The laboratories are designed efficiently for proper storage of chemicals and glassware. These laboratories are well equipped with the latest instruments, which are listed below.

Zetasizer Nano ZS90 (Make- Malvern) Texture Analyser Tablet Compression Machine


Pharmaceutics – I, Pharmaceutics II and Pharmaceutics III. Laboratory:

Tablet disintegration test apparatus Friability test apparatus. Capsule filling machine.
Clarity test apparatus Ampoule washing machine Tablet hardness tester.
Conical percolator High accuracy weighing balance Tablet counting machine.
Tablet dissolution test apparatus.


Spray Dryer R & D Coater High-Performance Liquid Chromatography


Physical Pharmacy Lab:

Double distillation unit. Conductometer. Ostwald viscometers.
Manual Capsule Polishing Unit Siverson’s homogenizer Micropipettes
Microscopes Colony Counters Portable Autoclave
Cyclomixer Vertical Autoclave Magnetic Stirrer
Hopper Ointment Sealing Machine Bulk Density Apparatus
Turbidity Testing Apparatus Ball Mill


Freeze Dryer Fluid Bed Dryer


Pharmaceutical Microbiology Lab:

This laboratory has a special media preparation room:

Autoclaves Incubator Vortex machine
Refrigerator Hot air oven Centrifuge
Anaerobic Jar Orbital incubator shaker

The Aseptic room is an aseptic area, which is equipped with a full-fledged laminar airflow unit


Postgraduate Pharmaceutics Department:

This department has a well-equipped pilot plant for undergraduate as well as postgraduate students. The various equipments are:

Probe Sanicator Bath Sanicator Octagonal blender.
Colloid mill Silverson’s homogenizer DSC (Milter)
Double cone blender. HPLC system with a UV detector (Agilent) High-speed Homogenizer
Planetary mixer Sparkler filter press Sugar syrup vessel
Vessel (Jacketed) Spectrophotometer–Double beam Tablet Punching Machine(Single St.)
Grinder Humidity chamber Refrigerator
Tablet Disintegration test m/c Water Bath Environmental Test Chamber
Six-station Dissolution Test Apparatus Ultrasonicator(Bath Type) Brookfield Viscometer
Bottle washing machine Propeller mixer Jacketed vessel
Coating Pans Tablet Compression machine Tray dryer
Fluidized bed dryer. Sparkler filter press Penetrometer
Partical Size Analyser- Zetasizer Nano ZS90 (Make- Malvern)