Parent Teacher Initiative

Internal Quality Assurance Cell at AISSMS College of Pharmacy has been organising various activities under PTI (Parent Teacher Initiative) since 2019.These activities are organised by cooperation of teachers and parents. It can in the form of guidance sessions in Pharmacy or related fields by parents or their acquaintances. PTI activity has also been in the form of industry visit, pathology lab visit etc. The objective of these activities is  “All round development of students” by inputs from teachers and parents.

The summary of activities conducted so far is as follows:

Date Speaker Topic
18th Sept 2023 Mr. Sagar Paygude, Director UM Pharma., Pune Business Opportunities and challenges for Pharmacy graduates
28th July 2023 Dr. Jayant Tilekar, Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Ahmedabad Pharmaceutical Industry: Opportunities and challenges.
26th Dec 2022 Prof. D.N. Shinde, DSM College, Parbhani Basics of Pharmaceutical statistics
10th Oct. 2022 Mr. Dinesh Tarate, Director, Kryptosis Pharma. Entrepreneurship: Opportunities and challenges
30th Sept. 2022 Dr. Vidya Bhailume, Clinical Research, Lupin Ltd. Understanding Good Clinical Practices & importance of Ethics in clinical research”
5th Oct. 2021 Dr. Jyutika Rajwade, Scientist F, Agharkar Research Institute, Pune Nanostructured materials: Biological applications
16th Sept. 2021 Dr. Sushama Vaidya, Practicing Paediatrician Paediatric vaccination
29th June 2021 Dr. Rupali Jadhav, Practising Homeopath Homeopathy in Corona
20th Dec. 2020 Mr. Subhash Patil, Mylan Laboratories Pharmaceutical Industry: Structure and opportunities for Pharmacy students
24th Oct. 2020 Dr. Krishnakumar, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Biosimilars and Beyond
5th Sept 2020 Dr. Neeta Nargundkar, Biosphere Clinical Research Enterpreneurship development and opportunities in clinical research
12th March 2020 Mr. Sesaram Chaudhary, Pharmaceuticals retail shops owner, Pune Entreprenurship Development
12th Jan 2020 Mrs. Upadhyay guided Street play at NSS campe Street play on Alcoholism and its demerits
9th Dec. 2019 Dr. Prasad Kulkarni, Scientist “E”, Bioprospecting Group, Agharkar Research Institute, Pune “Copper metabolism in Neurological Disorders”


First PTI session of 2021-22 on Tuesday 29th June 2021

A session by Dr. Rupali Jadhav, titled “Homeopathy in Corona” was organised by IQAC, AISSMS College of Pharmacy under PTI (Parents Teachers Initiative) on Tuesday 29th June 2021 on WebEx Online platform. Staff and students attended this session.

Dr. Jadhav explained the basic principles of treatment in homeopathy. She highlighted that Homeopathy is based on art and philosophy. The concept of dilution of medicines that leads to potentiation was interesting. She explained that the sickness is result of stimulus from environment and energy exchange. Adapting to environmental change is the key to overcome any disease. Homeopathic medicines are person specific. Energy, vitality, psychology of the person is deciding factor for potency of medicine prescribed.



Second PTI session of 2021-22 on Thursday 16th September 2021

A session by Dr. Sushama Vaidya, titled “Paediatric Vaccination” was organised by IQAC, AISSMS College of Pharmacy under PTI (Parents Teachers Initiative) on Thursday 16th Sept. 2021 on WebEx Online platform. Staff and students attended this session.

Dr. Vaidya explained the types of vaccines and vaccination schedule for kids up to 5 years. She highlighted that pharmacy students can help in spreading the awareness. She mentioned various vaccine manufacturers. The history and importance of infant immunization was discussed.

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Third PTI session of 2021-22 on Tuesday 5th October 2021

A session by Dr. Jyutika Rajwade, titled “Nanostructured materials: Biological Applications” was organised by IQAC, AISSMS College of Pharmacy under PTI (Parents Teachers Initiative) on Tuesday 5th Oct. 2021 on Zoom Online platform. Staff and students attended this session.

Dr. Rajwade is Scientist F at Agharkar Research Institute, Pune. She explained the  major categories of nano-materials like semiconductor ZnS, antimicrobials like Ag, ZnO, Ceramic and mesoporous silica, biotemplated cyclodextrins, carbon nanotubes etc. She elaborated medical applications of liposomes, dendrimers, quantum dots, gold nano shells, Fullerene. The process of nano-particle synthesis by metal-microbe interaction was explained.


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