Parent Teacher Initiative

Internal Quality Assurance Cell at AISSMS College of Pharmacy has been organising various activities under PTI (Parent Teacher Initiative) since 2019.

These activities are organised by cooperation of teachers and parents. It can in the form of guidance sessions in Pharmacy or related fields by parents or their acquaintances. PTI activity has also been in the form of industry visit, pathology lab visit etc. The objective of these activities is  “All round development of students” by inputs from teachers and parents.


First PTI session of 2021-22 on Tuesday 29th June 2021

A session by Dr. Rupali Jadhav, titled “Homeopathy in Corona” was organised by IQAC, AISSMS College of Pharmacy under PTI (Parents Teachers Initiative) on Tuesday 29th June 2021 on WebEx Online platform. Staff and students attended this session.

Dr. Jadhav explained the basic principles of treatment in homeopathy. She highlighted that Homeopathy is based on art and philosophy. The concept of dilution of medicines that leads to potentiation was interesting. She explained that the sickness is result of stimulus from environment and energy exchange. Adapting to environmental change is the key to overcome any disease. Homeopathic medicines are person specific. Energy, vitality, psychology of the person is deciding factor for potency of medicine prescribed.