Department Activities

Pharmacognosy Department mainly deals with various collaborative and research projects in the field of Isolation and characterization of Phartoconstituents. The major research areas being isolation of pigments, herbal formulations and and herbal cosmetics

Other  activities carried out by the third and final year students include.

Medicinal plant of the month:

Single medicinal plant is projected on notice board exclusively meant for it. Its practical batch wise activity, which include pharmacognosy of that plant with colored photograph (BS, GS, history, cultivation and collection, morphology microscopy, CC, pharmacological and traditional use).More emphasis is given on detail review of literature from the Internet as well as college library.

A living plants is also planted in a pot & kept near the notice board. So that the student can identify the plant easily. In an year the department displays 06 medicinal plants.

Journal club:

It’s an activity of the Department which is conducted in one of the theory classes of the subject, once in a week. Groups containing 3 students each are made. Various pharmacological categories are distributed to the groups. A single group has to discuss two research articles published in various journals related to the Subject on the given category along with its introduction.