Research Advisory Committee

1. The RAC assists to achieve mission, vision of college by effective operation of research programme of faculty and students by assigning subcommittee roles to each of the member for smooth working of activities to be conducted in an academic year.

2. RAC shall plan and develop broad objectives for research including research proposals to various funding bodies, MOU involved therein, as well as should evaluate the extent to which the research programme has met its objectives.

Job Description:
RAC committee should meet at the beginning of the academic year, identify desert areas. Plan for funds generation, Inculcate research atmosphere in faculty and students and should analyze research impact at the end of academic year.

Screening and suggestions for Improvement to be given for
1. Avishkar entries (SP PUNE UNIVERSITY; BCUD poster competitions).SPPU projects.
2. National level grants applications.
3. Collaborative research promotion projects.
4. Entries of students representing college at various competitions.

Dr. Ashwini R. Madgulkar, Dr.M. C. Damle, Dr. M.R.Bhalekar, Dr. S. V. Bhandari, Dr. S.V. Gandhi, Dr. M.R.P. Rao, Dr. T S Chitre, Dr. S. V. Tembhurne

Code of ethics in Research :
Code of Ethics in Research