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AISSMS College of Pharmacy is a centrally located institution run by All India Shri Shivaji Memorial Society, Pune. The institute is established in 1996 with the predetermined goal of becoming a center of excellence for pharmaceutical education and research. The institute is well equipped with latest infrastructure facilities required to produce Continue Reading


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    • B.Pharm, M.Pharm and PhD research Centre
    • Permanent affiliation to B. Pharm and M.Pharm Course by Savitribai Phule Pune University since 2007.
    • Approved by Pharmacy Council of India, Gov of Maharashtra and recognized by UGC act 1956 under section 2(F) and 12(B).
    • NAAC accreditated with A grade
    • State of art infrastructure for learning and research
    • Digitalized and ICT enabled library
    • Centrally located with accessible public transport and Sports ground, dedicated parking
    • CCTV surveillance in building & 24 hrs security
    • Divyangjan friendly campus
    • Qualified and experienced faculty including 13 doctorates
    • Best Principal and best teacher award
    • More than 500 original research articles in national and international peer reviewed journals
    • 7 faculty featured in Stanford World University rankings of scientists
    • Student awards at State & National level cultural, literary and scientific competitions like Avishkar, Anveshan, IPC Quiz, NPW competitions etc.
    • In-house and Professional student mentoring system.
    • In house projects for instilling research temperament in UG students
    • Workshops and guest lectures for student and staff development
    • Registered alumni cell i.e AISSMS Pharma Graduate Association (APGA) online functioning through Almashines portal.
    • Anubandh – Social outreach cell operating in association NSS, APGA, Vasundhara and gender champion teams
    • Scholarship and insurance for students


    Herbal Antibiotics: A natural alternatives to synthetic ones.

    Antibiotics is a medicine used mainly to treat or prevent any bacterial infections by inhibiting the growth of the bacteria or the microorganism. The most commonly used antibiotics are the cephalosporins antibiotic, penicillin antibiotics, tetracyclines and many more. The source of these antibiotics are mainly Fungal species. The related drugs [...]

    The Power Duo: AI and Gene Editing

    The world in 2023 has witnessed significant advancements in two pivotal fields: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Healthcare. The most notable achievement lies in the convergence of AI and healthcare technology, leading to the development of potential cures for a broad range of diseases. Gene editing involves the modification of an [...]

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