Faculty Development Program

Summary of Faculty development(FDP) organized for the year 2020-2021

1. International Webinars under Faculty Development Programme “Current scenario: “Pharmacy Practice and Technology”

Day and Date: Friday-Tuesday, 17th June- 21st June 2020

Organized for (student class/staff): – Teaching Staff

No of Participants:    Total 100 delegates across the globe

Coordinator Names: Dr.Trupti Chitre and Dr.M.M.Bandiwdekar

Description of Activity:

Dr.Arindam Talulkdar (India), spoke on Academic Drug Discovery and highlighted the role of academia in collaboration with industry in the drug discovery process. Dr. Monica Kumar (New Jersey), detailed the role and responsibilities of a Poisson control speacialist with severalreal life examples and took us across a day in the life of a Poison Control Specialist.Dr. Pravinkumar Ingle (Malaysia) talked about stakeholders in gave emphasis on Quality use of Medicine (QUM), Indian vs. Global perspective, benefits and examples of QUM.Dilip Parekh (USA), discussed in details various options for processing options for poorly soluble drugs.

Dr.Somnath Shinde (USA) shared his experience on enzymatic catalysis for biodiesel production. He highlighted upon the importance of various bioprocess technology in Pharma and other sectors.Adrian Hill, Director Jenner Institute Oxford (USA) delivered in a very lucid manner the chimpdeno virus as a candidate for vaccine for COVID-19. He also informed the various other candidates for vaccine production against COVID-19.

Dr. Anant Paradkar (UK) shared his expertise on Innovation Knowledge transfer and commercialization in Universities. Dr Paradkar described the commercialization of research process at University of Bradford and also described one of his own innovative work which is on the verge of commercialization as a case study. Mr.Shitalkumar Pathak (India) highlighted on industrial perspectives of forced degradation studies and its importance in drug development and discovery.

Dr.Atul Nasa, Head,Deputy Drug Controller office, New Delhi along with Honorary Secretary AISSM SOCIETY Shri Maloji Raje Chhatrapati and Principal Dr.Ashwini R.Madgulkar during Inaugural Session


In collaboration: with Association of Pharmaceutical teachers of India (APTI)

‘Learning Management System for CO-PO Attainment’

Day and Date: – Friday, 27th November 2020,              Time: – 11-4pm

Organized for (student class/staff): – Teaching Staff

No of Participants: 990        

Details of Speaker(s)/Resource Person(s) (Name/Affiliation/Contact Details): –

  1. Mr. Ajay Bhagwat, Director, Inpods, India .
  2. Mr. Abhijeet Yeole, Executive from OBE team, Vmedulife Software services;

Coordinator Names: Dr. Mrinalini Damle

Description of Activity:

Inaugural session was started with welcome speech from Principal, Dr. Ashwini Madgulkar. Followed by information about webinar by Dr. Mrinalini Damle. IQAC Co-ordinator. Dr. Raman Dang, Secretary, APTI spoke about role of teaching learning in quality education. Dr. Pravin Chaudhari guided on the importance of LMS in future education system. Mr. Ajay Bhagwat, Director, Inpods, India enlighted on ‘Advanced concepts of Outcome Based Education & CO-PO attainment computation’. Mr. Abhijeet Yeole, Executive from OBE team, Vmedulife Software services gave details on ‘Quality of question paper based on revised Blooms Taxonomy.’ The event was conducted on online zoom platform.

3.National Webinar on NAAC:Assessment and accreditation by NAAC: Perpetual Improvement in subsequent cycles’’  

Day and Date: 24th September 2020in collaboration with NAAC, Bangalore

No of Participants:    Total 300 delegates across India had registered for the National FDP.

Organized for (student class/staff): – Teaching Staff

Coordinator Names: Dr. Mrinalini Damle

Description of Activity:

IQAC coordinator Dr.Mrinalini C. Damle, presented the objectives of this webinar. NAAC adviser, Dr. Ganesh Hegde, deliberated on criteria wise details of SSR. Dr. Leena Gahane, Deputy Adviser, NAAC, highlighted “Role ofIQAC”, Dr. A.V. Prasad explained the process of “Data validation and verification as well as Students Satisfaction survey”, Dr. N.R. Mohan, Assistant Adviser, NAAC explained how to prepare Annual Quality Assurance Report to be submitted to NAAC, every year. The webinar was attended by more than 300 faculty members from across all states of India. All the speakers’ presentations were very informative.

Dr. Ganesh Hegde elaborating SSR with detailed explanation of criteria.
Dr. Leena Gahane, Deputy adviser, NAAC emphasizing on Role of IQAC Dr. A.V. Prasad, Assistant Adviser, NAAC explaining the process of DVV

4.The National FDP was organized by AISSMS College of Pharmacy, on the topic: “Various facets of Quality in Pharmaceutical Industry in collaboration with Industry Resourse Persons

Day and Date: Saturday, 8th May 2021

Organized for (student class/staff): –Students and Teaching Staff

No of Participants:Total 660 delegates across India had registered for the National FDP.

Coordinator Names:Dr. Mrinalini Damle and Dr.Trupti Chitre

Description of Activity:

The first session was delivered by Dr.Uday Deshmukh Director- Quality, Cipla Ltd. In his session he emphasized on Role of Quality functions in pharma industries. The Second session was delivered by Mr. Vivek Sawarkar, Head-Corporate QA,Strides Pharma Science Ltd In his session he guided all the delegates on Facility Qualification for a new project. In the third session by Mr. Uday Kumar S., Consultant & Entrepreneure, the importance of Quality Management Systems in Pharmaceutical Industry was highlighted.

The fourth session was delivered by Mrs. Madhuri Pawar, Consultant and she aptly described the effective uses of QRM principles. With the current pandemic situation, last session by Dr. Subhasis Banerjee, APAC Bio processing Lead Application Expert, on the topic of “Vaccine Development during Pandemics” was very keenly an interactive one by all the audience.

Principal Dr.Ashwini R. Madgulkar during welcome of Resource persons and delegates of the National FDP on May 8th 2021 Mr. Uday Kumar,Consultant & Entrepreneur during National FDP on May 8th 2021.
Dr. Subhasis Banerjee,APAC Bio processing Lead Application Expert during National FDP on May 8th 2021.

The outcome of FDP:


  1. Teachers got an opportunity to learn the latest research trends and interact with international speakers in May-June 2020.
  2. Faculty members from Pharmacy colleges all over India benefited themselves on 24th September 2020 by listening to the sessions delivered by NAAC,Banglore office dignitaries.
  3. The need to map Course Outcomes and Program Objectives was learnt in FDP organized in Association with APTI on 27th Nov. 2020.
  4. Faculty members from Pharmacy colleges all over India benefited from the sessions of Industry professionals who dealt with various facets of Quality in Pharmaceutical Industry on 8th May 2021.

Faculty Development Program (FDP) was organized on 14.06.2019  by Dr. Monica RP Rao, IC- Faculty development Program. The trainer for the same was Mr. Manoj Vanjari of Fantabeans Learning Solutions.

The topics covered included:

  1.  Collaboration at workplaces
  2. Strategy and Planning. The trainer used a combination of presentations and group activities to cover the topics.
Faculty with trainer Activity in progress


To develop and improve the presentation skills, increase the compatibility with students and understand their psychological state the faculty are exposed to the exhaustive program which includes presentation skills, teaching techniques, team building, etc for upgrading the teaching skills and soft skills which ultimately cause effective conduct of lecture and practical for students benefit.

  1. Monica RP Rao – In Charge – Faculty Development Program
  2. Mr. Rahul Padalkar – Member – Faculty Development Program


Year Name of speaker Duration and Date Number of Participants
2016-17 Mr. Sujeet Shinde of Training India 09 h on 6.12.16 21 Faculty Members
2017-18 Mr. Anish Baheti of Train my Brain 03h on 30.05.2018 19 faculty members