Information Technology Cell

IT System

The college is committed to provide and update comprehensive Information technology facilities, making sure with network security provided by IT Cell of college, with only access to required internet contents, monitoring and managing by antivirus software, minimizing risk and taking care of overall maintenance of IT facilities by way of annual maintenance contract.

College is maintaining the security, privacy, confidentiality and full integrity of all the information, assets, and data by way of antivirus, AMC and proper back up system. All the data and the information related to the college is stored in computers and proper back up is maintained too. Every computer has been configured through secured user login id and password to ensure the security of the data and the information. The users are responsible for sharing the data with authorized users as and when need arises.

The college has separate dedicated IT Cell for development and for maintenance of hardware and software assets and to tackle hardware and software related issues. The college has outsourced the Annual Maintenance Contract for all the hardware and have subscribed Quick Heal total security antivirus package, Microsoft Campus License Agreement for the software. Piracy is strictly discouraged and domain protection is enabled for installation of any software.


LAN Facility

The college has a structured LAN and internet network facility with 100 Mbps capacity which covered to all over areas including the undergraduate laboratories. Network is in 3 tier architecture comprising of the Core, Distribution & Access. All the end users/workstations are connected through 10/100/1000 base ports. All the LAN attached users are connecting to the Access Switch Based on the VLAN & Security Policies associated to them as mentioned above.