Separate well lit and ventilated 4 classrooms are available for conducting the B.Pharm and B.Pharm classes. The classrooms are well equipped with audio-video teaching aids viz. black board, Digital smart board, Liquid crystal display projector and Over Head Projectors to meet the state of the art infrastructure teaching facilities of the modern educational facilities. All the Classrooms have comfortable seating arrangement.

M Pharm Classroom B Pharm Classroom
Electromagnetic Smart Board Installed In the Smart Class Room Lecture of Dr. MRP rao

Electromagnetic touch screen Smart Board and DLP LCD Projector are installed in Smart Class room   for effective teaching process.

Details of different Audio-Video teaching Learning facilities available in college.

Sr.No. Name of  AV teaching aid. Make Quantity
1 LCD Projector-mounted in class room no.1 Sharp 01
2 LCD Projector-mounted in class room no.2 Toshiba 01
3 LCD Projector-mounted in class room no.3 DLP Projector 01
4 LCD Projector-one mounted in Seminar Hall and second is free and easily issuable. Sony 02
5 Electromagnetic  Smart Board Sharp Automation System 01
6 Over Head Projectors 02