Cultural Week Celebration

Start date: 27th February 2024
End date: 1st March 2024
Organized for: FY B.pharm, SY B.pharm, TY B.pharm, FnY B.pharm, M.Pharm students and Staff
Description of the activity:
A traditional day in college typically involves a blend of academic activities, social interactions, and personal responsibilities.
A traditional day in college encompasses a variety of activities and experiences that contribute to the overall academic and social environment. It’s a day designated for all to come in traditional attire from their home state, or specific culture of their choice.
Everyone at the institute came dressed in their best ethnic attires. Students, teaching and non-teaching staff participated with great ecstasy. Everyone wore various outfits like according to days arreange and many more attires representing Indian tradition from different states. Lots of pictures were clicked by everyone to create memories of this beautiful day filled with joy and festivity.
To preserve the Indain Culture and tradition in the globalized context of education. To mark the occasion of birth anniversary of our founder of the institution.
On this day a very special moment in the history of AISSMS college of pharmacy took place which was the inauguration of the cultural event named as ‘SRUJAN’.