Effect of going Techno social on Self Development

Aayushi Shah

Since its founding internet has opened doors to new realms. It has become an integral part of connectivity and the heart of social interactions. The pandemic confined everyone to the four walls of their houses with social media and video conferencing platforms as the only way to stay in touch. Its no doubt that socialization alters the way we think, act, and associate with those around us, in other words, it molds one’s personality.

Digital media now specializes in bringing people together, letting people interpret others’ perceptions towards themselves. Humans mirror those in their vicinity to become a part of the majority which in the digital world is stated as “Following the trend”. While doing so they carefully analyze reactions from peers, if the change elicits a positive response its more likely to boost self-confidence which persists.

Pupil’s interested in documenting and measuring their progress track and recording their progress via texts, calls or other computer programs. It can be done for a number of traits like mood, level of stress, and time spent of a particular activity, the data from which proves to be of help in the never-ending process of self-growth. Apart from this sharing one’s talents, creative endeavors and even point of view can be satisfying enhancing psychological and personal growth. For instance, several women find blogging therapeutic, empowered and belonged.
In today’s age, digital devices like cellphones and laptops are easily accessible to individuals of all age groups exposing children to online socialization at an early age. Teens spend a lot of time on social media updating their profiles to reflect their selves influenced from other people’s expectations. Failing to do so causes tremendous mental distress and a feeling of inferiority and isolation. Unfortunately, these emotions are not restricted to adolescents alone and expand to adults as well. It seems like the sight to differentiate between reel and real is lost.

To summarize, techno-social developments have a great impact on an individual’s personality and their communication with the community. It is a double-edged sword which should be wielded with great care.