The Secret is Out!

Samruddhi Kelkar
AISSMS College of Pharmacy, Pune
Final Year B.Pharm (2020-21)

Today I am penning down a story from 2020, but I am sure that it will help you even today in 2021 and its gist will keep guiding you forever.

Just a couple of days before the Covid-19 took over the world last year, I came across this book labeled- ‘The Secret’ beautifully written by Rhonda Byrne; I couldn’t think of any other better time to read it. And since I have read this book, I am glad & I admit that I enjoyed it more than I anticipated.

The COVID-19 pandemic had certainty brought in a very stressful and negative atmosphere. It was nearly impossible to look for optimism & find a way to appreciate the good things happening around; but it was equally important to not lose hope and try to keep a positive outlook wherever possible. That being so, I took up on this book & started reading. With every page and chapter, I went on realizing that many of the concepts in this book are actually very pragmatic. Everything that this book spells is relevant to your & my life at some point and can help us become a better person & enhance our living!

Listing down 8 different concepts from this book which I could totally relate to and have worked for me in some or the other way-

  1. The greatest secret of life – ‘Thoughts Become Things’-

Thoughts have a frequency; as you think about them, they are sent into the Universe and they magnetically attract all the things alike that are on the same frequency and are returned to you in the form of another thing.

Being a student, I realized that this is even helpful in academics. Start thinking that you have scored very well in your exams and those thoughts will give you motivation and also radiate positive energy; these thoughts will knowingly or unknowingly push you to work harder towards your goal, ultimately giving you desired outcomes.

  1. Next essential- ‘Become aware of your own thoughts’-

Your thoughts determine your frequency; when you feel bad you are drawing towards you more bad things, on the other hand when you feel good, you are powerfully attracting more good things. If you are not feeling happy, find some ways and reasons to change your mood. As said, only you can control your thoughts and this happens when you are actively aware about them.

  1. Third fundamental- ‘Set your goals and intentions’- 

Know what you really want to achieve in your life. At this point don’t think about how you will achieve them or is it really possible. Your goals can be anything from short term to long term; the ones achieved in a day or the ones which take days/weeks/months or at times years! You just need to set your intentions right to achieve it without any negative feelings.

  1. Fourth Key- ‘Self-belief & optimism’-

Always keep the belief that whatever your goal is, it is possible for you to achieve by hook or by crook!

  1. Fifth element- Hold Gratitude’

Showing gratitude is the most powerful way of shifting your energy and bringing more of what you want into your life. Be grateful for what you have, appreciate the small things in your life, be thankful forever for the same and you will certainly entice more jolly things. Thinking not about what is bad but what is good in your life lifts up the mood and puts you in a much happier place with nothing else but positive thoughts.

  1. Sixth factor- Keep up Visualization’-

Visualization is a process where you imagine that you have already achieved your goal. This helps in attracting more optimistic and happier thoughts come back to this scenario from time to time as though its reality. In other words ‘law of attraction’ ironically explained in our very own Bollywood film-’Om shanti Om’, yes that ‘kisicheej ko shiddat se chaho’ scene!

  1. Seventh aspect- ‘Go for good health’-

Health is wealth as we all know; always focus on achieving if not great but at least good health; this process will take you to perfect health. This is something we all can do every day despite the difficult scenarios outside.

Talking more about health & considering the pandemic situation outside, I would like to mention one more important point- The Placebo effect! It is yet another example of the law of attraction. When a patient while medicating truly believes that the medicine he is consuming is the perfect cure, he/she receives what is believed and fastens the cure.

  1. Last but not the least- ‘Learn to let go’-

This is the most important practice- Let go! Let go of the difficulties from your past, social beliefs and cultural codes. Do the work you love and enjoy. You are the one who can shape the life you deserve & desire. Do not cling to things that bring you down or hamper your physical/mental growth.

With these 8 beautiful life concepts, I have discovered the secret not just to living but a contented living! I hope I have made my point and you shall find your own secrets to happy living very soon. Take care and live life to the fullest.