Spotlight Syndrome- A thought for the mind

 Sushruti S. Tanksali

Pharm II Year (2021-2022)

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

AISSMS College of Pharmacy, Pune

How many times do we wonder every day about being famous on social media?! Stalking profiles, copying the influencers, detaching ourselves from real life to growing our networks into a giant nebula filled with nothing but distractions from the expectations and standards set by the surroundings. How many times do we question ourselves that the purpose behind any particular task is not getting famous or being the center of attraction? In a real-life scenario, things have been observed to be much different than it usually are in reality. Not just the aesthetic comments, observations that people make, and easy access to being noticed, what spotlight syndrome does is it keeps us thinking we are seen by everyone and anyone who does not even connect to our life.  It keeps us engaged in thinking we are the sole of our life and everything revolves only around our perception of being talented, and beautiful, more than the actual reality. To put this into a nutshell, spotlight syndrome can be a cognitive bias that makes people think from their own point of view and almost ignore people’s perspectives about the same.

This often leads to anxiety, the unnecessary building of hopes from oneself, depression on not getting enough attention, jealousy, etc. Divided attention may also give rise to self-alarming tendencies like lowered self-esteem, and even suicidal tendencies in a bad light. Therefore, with the emerging use of social media that acts as a catalyst in syndromes like these, it becomes very necessary to address this issue.

One can by themselves self-examine to get this syndrome noticed. A vanished smile or deteriorating satisfaction from tasks, and a depressed mindset is always a symptom to notice there is something that needs to bring back the happiness and enthusiasm with keeping in notice that, one is always a priority. Self-care is one way to get self-satisfaction in such cases. One should always think that unless and until one is working in the right direction with honesty and determination, one does not need validation from people. The opinions and comments might just be a motivation but keeping that as the center for all the work is just another way to get trapped in the spotlight syndrome.

One can seek professional help, and talk to friends and close family members. But one can benefit the most by doing it for themselves. Rightly quoted that, “God helps those who help themselves” one must always find a way to seek solutions to one’s own issues. Not just will this help one to cope with things, but this shall benefit everyone else staying near and around the ecosystem of life one builds. After all, the main motto of life still remains to have contended, be happy, strive for growth, and smile beyond every struggle.