Social connectedness in a techno-social world


It is not uncommon for an onlooker to see people, heads down, gazing at their phones in almost all situations. The incessantly buzzing, beeping device has brought the world closer. Distance is no longer a hindrance in communication. While modern society is largely based on the paradigm that technology aids our social connectedness, research suggests it may be paradoxical.

While this revolution has certainly allowed more people to be connected through technology, its impact on our daily lives is rarely taken into account. Using technology as a means to connect with others, via social media increases social connectedness. At the same time, it may be a bidirectional situation where constant use of social media may affect real life interactions. The consequence is a techno-socially connected person, devoid of in person interactions.

The answer lies not in rebuilding techno-social societies and industries but changing the prism through which we look at them. Some healthy space off of technology, and daily interaction with peers, colleagues can hardly be undermined. Old school methods of social interaction in our daily lives are definitely not obsolete and might be our saving grace, research suggests.

The key to a healthy social interaction in today’s world is a seven lettered word- balance. While the overwhelming use of technology might tempt us to do away with regular means, it would be useful to remind ourselves that some things are best kept simple.

So, the next time you are at a social gathering or an event and are tempted to be on your gadgets, decide for yourself. Walk up to someone you know and interact the old school way. It may lead to a decent conversation. And even if it doesn’t, a breather from our techno-social world is never a bad thing, is it?

Maitreyee Upadhye
Final year B.Pharmacy