Swachha Bharat Abhiyan (1st August-15th August 2017)

Swachha Bharat Abhiyan was conducted by the NSS unit during 1st-15th August 2017. The events were started with cleanliness oath on 1st August. All staff and students of the college took the oath of cleanliness and expressed their commitment for clean India. The activities started with cleaning classrooms, laboratories and college campus. NSS students explained others the importance and ways of reducing garbage.
On 8th August, students along with Program officer Mr. R R Padalkar and Dr. S V Tembhurne visited railway station in the adopted village-Daundaj. The team travelled by a passenger train and during travelling, they explained importance of cleanliness at public places to co passengers. Upon arrival, the station premises were cleaned by the team. Garbage was collected from the railway tracks. The station incharge explained the railway signal and tracking systems to the students.
On 9th August, a poster competition was organized with the theme of clean India. 65 students participated in the competition. The messages of cleanliness, hygiene were expressed in artistic ways by the students.
Swachha Bharat Abhiyan was concluded on 15th August by cleaning the premises of national flag hosting with the pledge to continue the cleaning activities throughout the year. The drive was guided by Principal Dr. A R Madgulkar

Poster competition during Swachha Bharat Abhiyan

Cleaning activity at Daundaj Railway Station

Celebration of Independence Day (15th August 2017)
NSS unit participated in the celebration of Independence Day. The unit gathered in the college at 7am for the flag hosting ceremony. Students delivered speeches about freedom fight and meaning of independence.

Conservation of historical place (29th Sept 2017)
Mastani Talav is situated at the eastern side of Pune city between Vadki village and Dive Ghat. It was built by Shrimant Bajirao Peshawe First to satisfy the water and irrigation needs of the nearby villages. NSS unit along with Program officer Mr. R R Padalkar and Dr. S V Tembhurne visited the place for cleaning and conservation activities. The unit collected garbages from the premises and cleaned the adjoining temple. Students washed the wall to clean the writing by the trespassers. The activity was co-ordinated by Ms. Jyoti Galande and Mr. Akash Padghan, NSS volunteers and guided by Principal Dr. A R Madgulkar.

Celebration of Unity Day (31st October 2017)
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s birth anniversary was celebrated as Unity Day as per directives received from Youth and Sports Ministry, Government of India and NSS department. All students and staff gathered for National Unity Day pledge. The importance of national unity and contribution of Sardar Patel for the same was explained to the students by Ms. Rutuja Shinde and Mr Vinay Rathod, NSS volunteers.