Ayush Khater

Final Year B.Pharm

Anyone and everyone in their life are always oscillating between war and peace. The war to make a great career, the war to get into shape, the war to have a good relationship with the family. Peace comes when you achieve some milestone but then another storm is waiting. I personally feel that war is the most dominant part of life and it is necessary to achieve peace.

I have read many self-help books but the book that impacted me the most and the book whose principles I could actually implement was ‘The Art of War’ by Sun Tzu. Why I found this book impactful because we all live in an Indian society where we are surrounded by so-called “relatives”. Relatives who are always behind us enquiring about what we are doing in life showing their fake caring nature and eagerly waiting for our results. And god forbids if you fail these people whom we call relatives/family members will spread slander about you. Another thing about them is giving you unsolicited advice as if they have achieved a lot in life.

 So, to deal with your so-called unconditionally caring relatives and to deal with the competitive environment around The Art of War gives us some principles. These are:

  • Use deception
  • Watch for the warning signs
  • Avoid war at all costs and engage on your terms
  • Pick your battles
  • Spend energy wisely
  • Adjust to the battle plan and end the war as soon as possible
  • Be prepared for a loss
  • You’re stronger than you think

Dealing with relatives was only one use of this but the most important use of this is in a cut-throat competitive environment. If rightly implemented victory is for sure.