Extracurricular Activities: Impact on Personality and Career

Ms. Pradnya Shirude
Student -M. Pharm
AISSMS College of Pharmacy
Dept. – Pharmaceutics

Other than academics there are certain elements essential for overall personality development; these include leadership, communication skill, creativity, knowledge, confidence and presence of mind. Extracurricular activities help to develop these characteristics. Your external personality cannot be built in one day. If you want to live an extraordinary life then your efforts should be consistent. You have to chase it each day. After all, your life is not just about your “Resume or CV” but it’s about the external as well as internal personality you hold.


Events like cultural programs, sports activities and NSS camps occur in almost every college, but the participant ratio is hardly as expected. It is not about the interest all the time. There can be different reasons hidden behind this. For example, one might feel less confident or lack courage to ask or say anything in front of so many people; shy nature could become a difficulty in expressing freely; one might find it tough to interact with strangers. But it is normal to feel this way. If you also relate to any of these challenges, it is totally alright to accept that but what is not correct is not improving this. It is merely a fear. Now how can we overcome this fear?

Participating in extracurricular activities is the simplest yet efficient way to overcome all these laggings. Extracurricular activities build up all the required qualities to develop your personality.

We live in the era of artificial intelligence where the world has become very competitive. This constantly demands you to push yourself towards grooming your personality. Only studies can make your living a little boring and ultimately affect your academic results too. Your brain always needs stimulation and extracurricular activities will give you that opportunity. You might not get likely results in the first time when you start participating but that doesn’t matter either. Always remember, taking that first step and participating in a competition is itself a success.

You can choose your own activity. If you enjoy playing, then you can join some sports. It will help you stay healthy. Step into cultural activities; it will comfort your hesitation to interact with new people. Music, drawing, painting, social work; these activities build your time in yet another constructive way. Cherry on the top, if you stay consistent in participating in these extracurricular activities, you might find a profession in your hobby or passion.