Careers Vs Jobs: Following your Passion

Name: Lanke Pooja Prakash

Class: 2nd year M. Pharm (PQA)


“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you have not found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.” —Steve Jobs.

          The main difference between a career and a job is that a job is just something you do for money, whereas a career is the pursuit of all lifelong ambition or general course of progression towards lifelong goals. While from both jobs and careers we can earn money to support ourselves and our families, they do not mean the same thing. It is important to know whether you are looking for a job or going to plan your professional goals for building your career.

First, let’s see what is a job?

A job is work that you do for money which is needed for your basic things. Job can be full time or part time. Sometimes a job can be short term where you give your hard work, full energy and time for some money in the form of salary.

Industries have expectations from their employees to perform their responsibilities in exchange for their regular payment and also be responsible for works laid out for them.

For example, industry hires a local contractor for setting up furniture in the office, the contractor agrees to all payment terms and at the end, the job ends once the project is complete.

Now I’m going to tell you about career-

As mentioned earlier, a career is a long term journey that you determine upon your passions. It is the only part that is going to fulfill your ambitions and your professional journey. For this, you require that much level of education and training to achieve your goals.

A career might last for your entire life. You could hold numerous jobs under many employers in your chosen industry that you progress through during your career.

It can be a series of jobs in the same field. It is not just about making money to survive. It’s something more. It is usually built around someone’s passion and their dedication to a devoted career path. The person is more interested in enjoying job satisfaction than just the money.

How does a job affect your career?

  • Jobs make up your career
  • You learn from each job
  • Jobs provide you with networking opportunities
  • Hard work pays off

How to turn a job into a career?

  • Continue learning and developing
  • Get a mentor
  • Expand your network
  • Apply for an internship

In conclusion, a dedicated career is a journey, not a job. People invest their time and devotion in following their dreams and goals, but every time being successful does not always deliver happiness as a result. So, make your decision on what makes you happy and confident. Using a job or career is totally your choice, but we must try our best to not make decisions which we will end up regretting and we will not even have a choice or chance to rectify them.

So, the decision is yours…!!!