This department engages the students of the Ist, IInd, IIIrd and Final year. At the same time, it& offers maximum practical approach to the students of Third & Final year. Our department has well equipped laboratory where various routine practicals are carried out. The spread out of our lab is around 130 sq meter, annexed to a department cabin which is well facilitated with computer and internet facility along with informative books catering to a subject & the preparation room housed with various chemicals, reagents. Major asset of this department also includes a 100 sq meter medicinal plant garden. The various sophisticated equipments that facilitate the various activities in the lab include

Microtome Muffle Furnace Trinocular Microscope
Medicinal Plant Garden Image Microscope
Soxhlet apparatus (I lit) Clavenger apparatus Fixed light source apparatus
Compound microscopes Simple microscopes Camera lucida
Drawing board Grinder Hot Plate
Electronic Balance Oven Heating Mantle
Occulometer Stage Micrometer Medicinal Plant Garden (Landscaping & Plantation)
Vacuum Oven Rota evaporator Microtome
UV Cabinet IR Moisture Balance Silicon Crucibles
Muffle Furnace Eye Piece Digital Camera Binocular and Trinocular microscope
Tube Centrifuge Refrigerator