Intellectual Property Right (IPR) day Celebration

Intellectual Property Right (IPR) day was celebrated on 18th April 2019 at AISSMS COLLEGE OF PHARMACY. Mrs. Prerana Dongre, working as Assistant Professor and Coordinator “Indira IPR cell”, at India College of Pharmacy, Pune was called for delivering a lecture on this occasion. Under the umbrella of “Indira IPR cell”, Mrs.Prerana conducts various Intellectual Property Right (IPR) awareness programs for students and teaching fraternity, provide guidance to the individuals and the companies regarding the patentability of their inventions. She is also recognized as a Patent facilitator by the Indian Patent Office for the “Startup India” initiative.
Mrs Prerna gave a very informative lecture, which was attended by about M.Pharm students and staff members. She gave basic insights for M.Pharm students regarding the patent search for a dissertation to be done as a part of a literature search. The lecture was very interactive and appreciated by all the staff members