Patient adherence

by Dr Tine / / More

Quite a few of us know of a family member or friend who has trouble sticking to his medication routine. Patient adherence is the extent to which the patient follows the instructions of his physician…….especially with respect to taking his medication in the correct manner and completing the course. Surprisingly, […]

Smart gadgets and health…

by Dr.Mrinalini C Damle / / More

We are living in the era of technology… Every nook and corner is enriched by latest technology. Are we really making use of gadgets or has this technology almost enveloped us? Smart phones, smart TVs, bikes, cars, watches … this list obviously endless. Today’smost common gadget, the smart phones!!Technology has […]

E-Pharmacies- the death knell for retail pharmacies??

by Dr. Monica RP Rao / / More

The last decade and half has seen a surge of e-commerce ventures and changed the landscape of trade and business. It has shrunk the world like never before and allowed easy and quick access to a plethora of products to the populace, spoiling them for choice. The manner and speed […]