Extension Activities


The institute has been associated with various activities in the neighborhood community. Our registered alumni association (APGA) is actively involved since last many years in visiting and donating items, either in the form of cash collected through staff and student’s contribution or usable things like stationary items or clothes being donated. The various organizations which we have donated such things are Shreevasta Sanstha, Sasoon Hospital, Pune, Nirankar Balgram, Hadapsar,Pune. Niradhar Nirashrit Balakashram, Alandi Devachi, Pune.

Dyandip Balakashram, DEAF Association of Mumbai, Savali Orphange, Pune. Through the APGA, every year we have been conducting Blood/eyes /organ donation camps with a huge success rate of Blood unit’s collection. Sasoon general hospital, Pune is the one which has been regularly associated with us. Further we have also done blood donation for Akshay Blood Bank and Pune Blood Bank of Hadapsar, Pune. Participation in rallies for disease awareness is also regularly done along with our NSS unit.


Sr. no. Name of Activity Conducted On Name of organization Remark
1. The third International Yoga day Tuesday, 21st June 2017 heartfulness, Sahaj Marg spirituality Foundation (SMSF) , Ms.Chetna Raniwala ,Mrs Manisha Upadhya and Mr.Nitin Tiwari were the invited as Yoga Practitioners. A lecture on “Meditation as a life skill” along with basics of yoga and meditation were demonstrated and all the faculty members as well as the students performed as per the given instructions.




This year we celebrated the day by gifting books (Motivational, Story books etc.) by well known authors to students of B.Pharm as well as M.Pharm, based on random selection by picking the chits of their names, by Principal madam . The conduct of the programme was done by Mr. Vaibhav Ghegade of Third Year B.Pharm. Students, Mr. Abhishek Joshi and Ms.Gauri Ingole of First year and Third Year B.Pharm respectively gave speeches, on the occasion. Librarian Mrs. Shobha Jadhav also gave her speech expressing her views on the celebration of vachak prerna diwas and also gifted a book personally . In all the celebration was a huge success.


3 WORLD DIABETES DAY 14.11.2017 The celebration was aimed to make awareness about diabetes amongst today’s youth students. World Diabetes Day Celebration activity was organised by Second year B. Pharm. Class. This day was celebrated by spreading awareness through poster presentation, flying thoughts and street play activity. A group of two students of S.Y. B. Pharm. was given the activity to prepare posters regarding diabetes awareness. Total 22 posters were prepared by students and those were displayed in the college corridor throughout the day. To appreciate efforts of the student’s college have conducted competition amongst the posters prepared. Posters were evaluated by Dr. T.S. Chitre, Dr. S. V. Tembhurne, Dr. M.R. Bhalekar. The programme was started at 3.30 pm by inauguration in hands of Principal, Dr. Ashwini Madgulkar. Welcome speech was given by Ms. Aditi Misar. It was followed by ‘flying thoughts’ activity coordinated by Mr. Akshay Punmiya. In this activity nitrogen balloons were taken and DONTS about diabetes were written on it. These balloons were flayed in the sky by Principal madam, all teachers and CRs of each class. This activity reveals that let us fly away all the bad habits that lead to diabetes and make the world free from diabetes. The programme was further continued with a street play performed by some students of S. Y. Class. It was followed by the prize distribution of the evaluated posters. Books related to health were given to the winner and runner up students as a token of appreciation. Winner for the competition was Brinda Nadar and Ram Polawar; Runner up was Sabale Shivanjali and Renuka Ajalkar. The programme was ended with the Vote of thanks.

The programme was co-ordinated by Students co-ordinators Ms. Riddhi Wavhal and Mr. Pranav Uttekar and Students co-ordinator Mrs. Shital Patil.


Sr. no. Name of Activity Conducted On Name of organization Remark Recognition
1 Street play competition held under Trioka’ 13th January 2017 BMCC, Pune T.Y.B.Pharm students participated in street play on Social Networking addiction and it was displayed in nearby areas also.


2 AIDS Awareness


As a part of Theory Continuous assessment Students of S.Y. carried out project work on HIV awareness programme  
3 NSS special camp 2nd February -9th February 2017 NSS Health camp  along with general physician of primary health center of Daundaj village as well various other social activities  
4 VISIT For S.Y.Students 5th July 2016 PARVATI JAL SHUDDHIKARAN KENDRA,PUNE As a part of environment awareness visit was organized.  
5 YOGA DAY CELEBRATION 21ST JUNE Patanjali Yog Sanstha,Warje Vibhag,Paschim Maharashtra,Pune Yoga day was celebrated along with all the students  
6 Vachan Prerna Diwas 14 th October 2016   Wachan prerna Diwas was celebrated by gifting books to the dignatories invited for the SPPU seminar organized on the same day  



Sr. no. Name of Activity Conducted On Name of organization Remark Recognition
1. Blood donation camp 13th AUG 2015 SASOON General  Hospital 242 BOTTLES were collected to be given to patients suffering from Thalecemia. Certificate and letter of appreciation is received from Mr Mugwe  of Sassoon Blood Bank
2. Visit to  orphanage


1st JAN2016 1.

Niradhar Nirashrit  Balakashram,   Alandi Devachi, Pune.


2. Dyandip Balakashram.

Rs. 3137/- was collection and utilized for

Various activities like drawing competition as well products related to hygiene maintain were donated.

Letters of appreciation received form organizations are available in APGA file.
3. Donation 8th JAN2016 DEAF Association of Mumbai Rs.1500/- were donated for organizing cricket event. Letters received form organization is available in APGA file
4. Walk-A-Thon 17th October 2015 Sancheti Hospital.Pune Sancheti Fight Arthritis Week to commemorate ‘’World Arthritis day’’
5 Rally 13th August 2015 Government of Maharashtra NSS students participated in rally as well as poster competition and First prize was given to Ms. Manal Shaikh from Third year and second prize to Mr. Sidharth Bhalerao. The faculty and the student who were present at the time rally felicitated by B.J. Medical College.
6 Wari- Procession 1st July 2016 Yearly Ritual On, Principal, NSS Students, Coordinator and few staff members distributed food and medicines to people going through
7 NSS special camp 16 to 22 January 2016 NSS adopted Daundaj Village Health camp  along with general physician of primary health center of Daundaj village as well various other social activities,
8 YOGA DAY CELEBRATION 21ST JUNE Niramay Yog Sanstha,Karve Nagar Yoga day was celebrated along with all the students
9 VASUNDHARA DAY 22ND APRIL Tree Plantation at the campus
10 NO VEHICLE DAY 22 September 2016 Staff and students utilized Public transport as a means to communicate to save petrol for a day.
11 WOMEN’S DAY CELEBRATION 8th March 2016 NSS Unit All Women including bapu Cleaning services staff were greeted with Roses
12 CAMPUS CLEANING CAMPAIGN 01/10/2015 NSS Unit Campus Canteen and nearby area was cleaned by students
13 Draught Relief Fund 8th March 2016 NAM FOUNDATION All the staff and students did financial Assistance in rehabilitation of Malin Village through Sakal News Paper. All the teaching and non-teaching staff members contributed through Kedgaon Gram Panchayat .


14 Road Safety Abhiyan 24 September to 31 October 2015 NSS unit along with RTO,Pune



Sr. no. Name of Activity Conducted On Name of organization Remark Recognition
  1 Blood and eye donation camp 13th AUG2014 Sasoon general  hospital


Eye donation pledge by

140 PERSONS was also done

186 units of blood were collected.

Receipt is received from of Sassoon Blood Bank; News is published in Sakal times on 21st August 2014.



Sr. no. Name of Activity Conducted On Name of organization Remark Recognition
  1 Blood donation camp 14th AUG,2013 Sasoon general  hospital 158 bottles were donated in total Certificate and letter of appreciation is received from of Regional Blood Bank Sassoon general hospital; News is published in Punyanagari, on 15th August 2013.
2. Visit to  orphanage


15th AUG,2013 and 26th JANUARY ,2104 Nirankar Balgram, Hadapsar,Pune Rs. 11,290/- were donated through contribution by staff and students Receipt available with us in the records



Sr. no. Name of Activity Conducted On Name of organization Remark Recognition
1. Visit to  orphanage


15th AUG,2012 Shreevasta Sanstha, Sasoon Hospital, Pune. DONATION

Rs. 8300/-

Receipt of donation by Sassoon general hospital; News is published in LOKMAT ON 18th August 2012 and in Sakal, on 20th August 2012.


Visit to  orphanage


26th JAN,2013 Nirankar Balgram, Hadapsar,Pune. DONATION by APGA


News is published in Sakal on  21st February 2012 and in Prabhat, on 31st   January 2012 and Maharashtra Times