Environment Club

Environment conservation is an integral part of our educational programe.
The college makes special efforts to instill environmental awareness amongst its students. We firmly believe that environmental awareness must lead to environmental action.
It strives to make students more concerned about the college campus. It will create an unbiased and non-judgmental documentation of current status of environmental sustainability on campus. It will not only brand the campus as ‘Green Campus’, but also generate financial savings through energy and resource optimization. It will be a role model for students.

  • To sensitize the students to the Environment protection
  • To engage students in meaningful service that meets environment needs.
  • To instill a sense of social responsibility in students.
  • To equip the students with skills, attitudes and knowledge to work for environment protection

We select 10 Eco Rangers + 1 teacher representative. A group of Eco Rangers act as messenger of environmental protection at college campus.
A team of Eco Rangers (from some of the colleges) along with Teacher Representative and other college friends participates in different activities plan by college related to environment conservation and for `environmental consciousness’ on the campus.
Ecorangers celebrate different environment days.
The following activities were undertaken to reduce our ecological footprints:

  1. EVS Field Work: EVS Field Work is a part of Second Year B.Pharm curriculum. According to that EVS field trip is arranged for second year B. Pharm. Students every year. The students gained a thorough exposure to raw material resources, manufacturing processes, packaging, quality testings and effluent treatment in the different industries. They discussed about various types of pollutions and ways to combat the same. Documenting the nature of an eco-system gives us deeper appreciation of its values to mankind. This helped students to understand the impact of human activities on environment and helped in bringing desire to conserve natural resources among them. The students gained a thorough exposure to different species of flowers, plants,animals. Students also studies about Land eco-system, Hill eco-system, aquatic ecosystems etc
  2. Participation in Kirloskar Vasundhara International Film Festival 10th KVIFF FILM SCREENING 8th July,2016
    Kirloskar Vasundhara is a remarkable CSR undertaking from the Kirloskar Industries, which champions the nurture and protection of our environment, by engaging the youth of colleges in Pune to become environment thinkers and leaders.
    KVIFF(Kirloskar Vasundhara International Film Festival) which is conducted by Kirloskar Vasundhara, is an annual and the only Indian festival of its kind which combines film screenings and allied activities related to environment, wildlife, energy, air, and water.
    KVIFF is an innovative attempt to explore nature and analyze topical issues related to the environment. It presents an opportunity to evolve on a common platform, to work towards providing effective and meaningful communication material; for preserving our great natural heritage. The message of the festival is to preserve, protect and save the earth for generation next.
    During the festival, National and International films on environment, wildlife and energy are screened coupled with allied activities such as discussions on the subject with experts, policy makers and society at large.
    Our college, AISSMS College of Pharmacy, was indeed fortunate that it was selected as one of the venues for this year’s festival, the 10th KVIFF for the event of ‘Film Screening’ ,scheduled for the 8th of July,2016.
    A number of thought-provoking and riveting films were part of the line-up. A wide array of topics tackled by the films, ranging from the towering landfill mountains of Delhi ,to the heartless poaching and trafficking of exotic butterflies of the Malabar to various parts of the world ,made all the students stop and think again….About their environment ,about their duty towards it and about their dying Mother Nature. Indeed, the Film festival, apart from having being enjoyable, has also left an indelible mark on the minds of the students of our college.
    The college, as a whole, positively looks forward to many more such events in the future.
  3. Plastic Waste management
    In collaboration with the Kirloskar vasundhara foundation a Plastic waste collection drive, was conducted on 21st Sept. 2015 in the college. An appeal was made to all staff members and student to collect household plastic waste and submit it to college’s very own ‘ Eco rangers’, who handed over this plastic waste to the authorities for proper disposal and possible recycling. This was just another effort taken by college in order to curb the ever growing menace of ‘plastic monster’. This will be the long term activity initiated by the college for plastic waste management.

Observing/Celebrating Days:

    Every 22nd September is celebrated as World car free day worldwide. The motive behind this is to reduce air pollution and protect environment. , The AISSMS College Of Pharmacy celebrated NO-VEHICLE-DAY on22nd Sept. 2015. On this day, the students and staff were urged not to use their own automobiles for transport and to rely mostly on more eco-friendly ways of transportation like the Municipal Transport or cycling or walking. The day was celebrated to reduce, for at least a day, the ever-increasing load on the environment via air-pollution and also to promote the use of public transport. The event received a thunderous response from the students as well as the staff with almost everyone coming to the college using public transport. The day has indeed taught us to care for our environment and to make use of the public transport system wherever possible. The college plans to make this an annual exercise and we all look forward to it.
  2. World Earth Day celebration on 22nd April 2016
    Date: 22 April
    Day: Friday
    Venue: AISSMS College of pharmacy
    Bird friendly campus and tree plantation Environment programme was conducted in AISSMS College of pharmacy as a celebration of the world earth day on 22 April 2016.
    The basic idea was to create an environment conducive to the birds. Bird feeders were installed at various places in the medicinal garden of the college. The feeders were prepared from waste plastic bottles.
    Bird houses were made from the waste plastic cans and were fixed on trees so that birds could stay in them all round the year protected from the weather.
    Some ponds were dug in the garden itself and filled with water for bird bath and drinking.
    On this occasion tree plantation was also carried out at the medicinal garden.
    Ecorangers with all the faculty members participated with great enthusiasm. It was decided to see that the bird feeders are properly maintained and filled regularly.
    The event achieved two goals of creating a bird friendly environment and plastic waste management.

Bird Friendly Campus
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