Educational Tour


To provide access to efficient, interactive learning of students and broden the students learning opportunities through educational tour once a year for final year students


The objectives of the educational tour are

  1. to Provide exposure to recent happenings in pharmaceutical industry through visit to Pharma Expo/Pharmaceutical Company
  2. to promote students to present research work at conferences/congress
  3. to have interaction of students with industry people.
  4. to build Institute- Industry relationship through interaction of staff members with industry people
  5. to arrange site visit to nearby tourist places for refreshment of students.


  1. Student committee formation for tour organization
  2. Finalizing destination for tour by discussion with students and Principal
  3. Call for quotations
  4. Approve service providers based on cost and services like travelling expences/food/insurance/hotel, etc
  5. Take approval from society
  6. Finalize accompanying staff according to UGC guidelines
  7. To elicit consent letter from parents or guardians of the students who are embarking on tour
  8. To give risk assessment plans and preventive measures to students
  9. Visit to tour places
  10. Report submission and account clearance


UGC Circular –

AICTE Circular AICTE / Acad / Student Safety / 20 I 5 dated 31/07/2015


Staff Incharge

Dr. Santosh V. Gandhi                                                        

Mrs. Vidya Wable

Educational tour at Bangalore,  Mysore, Coorg  2015-16