National Youth Day

National Youth Day is celebrated all over India on 12th January, it being the birthday of Swami Vivekananda. In AISSMS College of Pharmacy, students of first year celebrated Youth Day enthusiastically on 22ndJanuary, 2019.
The event spanned over an hour, and consisted of a debate competition. The topic chosen was “Hard Bound vs Soft Bound”. Four teams were made based on 4 rows of the classroom. It was judged by the class teacher, Mrs. VidyaWable; and hosted by students- SohaBaldota, BhairaviBakhle and RiddheshKharche.
Three rounds were conducted; the first two rounds consisted of one group representative from each row coming forward and expressing their views on the topic for 1 minute each. All the students from each group enthusiastically participated. The last round saw the participants come forward and give a concluding speech, for 30 seconds each.
At the end, the judge declared the winners- ‘FOR’ category, with speaker Ayush Khater, and winner in the ‘AGAINST’ category, with speakers Mukta Tashildar, Aditi Vaidya and RuchaShinde.
It was a truly memorable and thoroughly enjoyable experience for all the students.